image Life too, the half remembered dream



  1. I know one should never say — and to the artist especially — that a piece a piece of art is “like” somebody else’s art, even as a compliment, but I will say this. In this delicate and sensitive piece I detect echoes of Durer’s lines combined with Bosch-like figuration, but the whole is something else entirely.

    The roots of life-like trees become the stuff of dreams from which tiny figures walk away; one of them is atop a tree, throwing an object out towards birds. Perhaps the bird will drop it, a seed as it were, to become a new plant with new roots, with more interwoven dreams. Memorable, thank you.

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  2. Many thanks for the compliment. Durer has always been a great inspiration. His ‘Great Piece of Turf’ is one of my all time favourite paintings – not just for its execution but also for the worldview that meant he could choose it as subject matter, even if only as an exercise. In fact I once painted something which was a kind of homage to that work (not that anyone would know unless they found the tiny, slightly altered, monogram hidden in the grass 🙂

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