The Birds of Turkey

Türkiye’nin Kuşları by Tim Davis, published by Mandolin in 2011, is the only Beginners Guide to the Birds of Turkey.

Covering all the most common species and several notable rarities, this book introduces ornithology to the complete novice and also serves as a field guide for the beginner.

Containing a special section on migration, detailing routes through Turkey and a guide to identification of the common migratory raptors, this is also ideal for anybody new to Turkish birding.

There’s one catch! It’s in Turkish. Then again, what more could you want as a birdwatcher in a foreign country: a book with pictures of all the birds you are most likely to see and the Turkish name for them right there alongside the latin. And if you’re a birder trying to learn the Turkish language, this has got to be the perfect way (it also describes the relevance of certain species to Turkish culture more widely – its history, folk songs and poems etc.)

Here’s the amazon link:

Here are a few samples of the original (pre-publication) watercolour illustrations:


P1100652   P1100656   P1100658




A photo of a page from the actual book:


Here are some Turkish links:


  1. I’ve just bought your book, the birds of Turkey. Loved it totally, especially the illustrations. How can I contact you for a project. Thanks. Bilgi

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